Help: Mixtrack Pro vs Mixtrack with Traktor Pro
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    Default [B]Help: Mixtrack Pro vs Mixtrack with Traktor Pro[/B]

    I am thinking buying Numark Mixtrack-Pro but the Numark guys told me that we have to use the Numark Omni audio driver to use it with Traktor-Pro. They also told me that there isn't any TSI file specific for Traktor-Pro.
    I already read the other threads about it, but still have some doubts:
    - Anybody has this controller working good with Traktor-Pro (mapp ok)?
    - Besides the audio interface what are the differences between Mixtrack-Pro and Mixtrack?
    - Are jogwheels sensitive in both versions?
    - The audio interface of Mixtrack-Pro has good sound quality?

    I have an external audio interface (focusrite saphire LE) but i was thinking buying Mixtrack-Pro for easy transport and because i think jogwheels have more functions than Mixtrack, aren't they?

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