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    Hi everyone hoping to find some help regarding setting up my VCI 100...

    Just recently decided to get into DJing after many years of putting it off and after reading reviews I decided to get a VCI 100. I have a basic understanding of DJing. I've seen a couple of people saying that the manual isn't great and I'd agree having no real 'tech' background. I have managed to set up Tractor LE and initially got everything work; no problems with USBs and the like. Having problems setting up the simple things like monitoring (I'm using a MacBook Pro) and then having the master come out through the computer speakers. Not too sure which speakers to get either; I do have a pair but again no real background in setting up and what other equipment I'd need. I'm based in the UK and the store I bought it from haven't been very helpful or understanding when dealing with someone with little knowledge. I thought the whole point of dance music was about having fun, meeting people and having an open mind towards new people and ideas. Many thanks in advnace with help.

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    do you have a sound card? if you want to be able to "monitor" you need to have some kind of sound card to be able to split the signals and send them to 2 different outputs... The VCI is just a controller, it has a monitor/cue section layed out on the unit... but if you dont have a seperate soundcard to split the signals you wont be able to make use of it... i reccomend the audio 2 DJ since its cheap (99bucks) awesome sound quality... the same as the audio 8... and has just the right amount of outputs if you want to mix internally (which if your using the VCI alone to mix, you will be doing anyway)

    Basically the reason you need a soundcard is because, you have the MASTER output... which is your actual mix... this is what you would connect to your speakers and is what the crowd would hear in a club/festival/party situation... and then you need an output for your Monitor/cue section to plug your headphones into... which is what the DJ listens to, to cue and match up the tracks...

    without a soundcard to split the signals... i am afraid this isnt possible to effectively monitor a mix...

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    Many thanks for the above advice; I have looked into the Audio 2 and I'm definately going to get one.

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