Winter coma. emotional tech set . cold..dark..snow..
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    Default Winter coma. emotional tech set . cold..dark..snow..

    Its reflecting what is going on the other side of the window...





    go deep into it..

    <am not a DJ just a fun of good music, so comments according to the mix aprreciated>

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    I listened to your mix yesterday on the Klipschs with the subwoofer turned on. I listened while tagging music and watching my girlfriend play "Brutal Legend." Here's my feedback.

    - Tracklisting in post and on soundcloud = moar listens and moar feedback.

    - For someone who says he's not a DJ, your mixing skills are solid.

    - More importantly, you definitely have the taste level of a skilled minimal techno DJ. I dislike much of modern minimal techno, and this set was, just as you said, evocative of cold shimmering darkness. I wouldn't say that any particular track made a great impression on me, but the overall progression made a lot of sense.

    - Your levels, as you can see in the waveform, were occasionally ever so slightly off.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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