How to map Midifighter & Vestax VCI-100 to use simultaneously
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    Default How to map Midifighter & Vestax VCI-100 to use simultaneously

    Hey guys,
    Long time listener first time caller. How can I play music through traktor pro using 1 midifighter and a vestax vci-100? I just got the MF in the mail and currently I can only figure out how to use one of the other. Would I manually have to load a different mapping during a gig or mix to use one or the other?

    Any help you can provide would be awesome, after all, you guys are the gurus!

    Ryan aka DJ Strangefellow

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    if you already got your vci tsi, load the MF mapping into the controller manager (small import button)
    make sure the right in/out ports are selected (vci and MF) and rock..
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    This article walks you through it:

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