Ableton and torq with external mixer?
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    Default Ableton and torq with external mixer?

    I have now an MPK 25 and a m-audio torq. I want to upgrade my set and was thinking to start working with ableton but i won't stop with torq so i was thinking to buy an apc 20 and an external mixer and than i would connect my m-audio xponent on it and the sound produced by ableton? :eek:

    Is this crazy or could this work?

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    as the proud owner of an xponent, torq, apc40, and ableton like 8, i think this is enough to do you good.
    no need for an external mixer, the xponents sound card is more than enough to make it all work, and you can still use both programs @ once

    cheers bro
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    Alternatively, I'm working on an Ableton DJing template for the Xponent (without Torq). You can find my progress (it's slow but steady) here:
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