Midi Fighter with Hercules RMX controller
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    Unhappy Midi Fighter with Hercules RMX controller

    Hi, im a novice DJ and I was just wondering what are the necessary steps I would have to take to use my Hercules RMX controller with my midi fighter and Traktor? I have the mapping for the midi fighter with Traktor Pro and the mapping for the Hercules with Traktor howeverI still cant seem to get them to work (mainly the Hercules I think because of the soundcard). Any help would be appreciated

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    Did you ever figure this out? As I am having the same problem currently!

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    Have you tried importing the TSI multiple times as well as rebooting traktor multiple times?

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    Hi guys, if you go to the controller manager page and use the big import button to import the RMX mapping, then go to the top, underneath the Device field and click Add....
    Don't worry about the fields in there, go to the bottom where it says import, however, this import won't delete your RMX mapping, just add to it.
    All you have to do now is make sure they don't conflict. Hope this helped

    Now a problem of my own, I've had my RMX for a while now and now use it with Traktor Pro 2 over VDJ, but the only way to get the thing started is to start VDJ, open Traktor, then close VDJ. Is there any way I can trigger the RMX by just starting Traktor?
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