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    Here's my current X1 mapping mate. In a pinch you can use it by itself as a mixer. I'd be happy to go through the changes with you.
    Basically the top sections swap between FX + EQ Modes with the use of 2 toggle modifiers. Parts of the Bottom Section change to mixer functions in the EQ Mode. it is quite possible to do some mixing using just the x1
    I will get on to getting a diagram sorted and will post it up for you later.

    Jow jester!
    your mapping seems just what i need, so i downloaded it, than i imported it (in traktor ofc.) ,but it won't work...
    What do i need to do to get it work ?
    I'm just new with traktor, so it don't now much yet...
    it would be very nice ! and already thank you for all your work on this post!

    ciao !

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    is this for the x1 mk1 or mk2?
    stupid question where is the mapping i cant find it

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