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    Quote Originally Posted by duerr View Post
    stupid? no.

    immature? yes, more often than not.

    there are definitely a lot of stupid people in the party scene in general, from clubs,pubs,raves,festivals,to house parties... but not everyone who gets into the rave culture (if it even exists anymore) is stupid, there are a lot of intelligent people just going through their experimentation phase.

    partying is about indulging our curiosities and connecting with other like-minds which is an important part of the human experience, unless you're an insufferable bore.

    in my experience most the intelligent people get tired of the lifestyle after awhile and distance themselves from it completely, or they find ways to get involved in it on a behind the scenes level as artists, promoters, designers etc. there's nothing stupid about finding a way to turn one of your interests (raves) into a business opportunity.
    Quote Originally Posted by duerr View Post
    senior citizen's attics, the garbage dump, swamps, underwater treasure chests, graveyards, hollowed out tree stumps, abandoned coal mines.

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    That's so true, that's why I'm a Professional Partier. Actually, that was my point from earlier. I have many friends who are now making a great living doing lighting, set or system design for live shows & Raves/Club nights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nem0nic View Post
    Yes, he did use the word incorrectly. I know what he meant to say, I just found his post ironic.
    Fair point. I struggle with my native tongue at the best of times
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxonemillionone View Post
    I feel as though stupidity is a trait homogeneous with those who identify them selves as PLUR or ravers.

    ...chasing beats through ghetto streets...

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