2 questions about Midi-Fighter.
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    Default 2 questions about Midi-Fighter.

    I was wondering. If I were to use the mapping for Midi-Fighter that was displayed in the video with Ean Golden, how would I.....

    1. How would I cue up my song to a certain part of the song without a jog wheel?

    2. How would I ajust the tempo of the song like I would do on turntable (excluding the abliltiy to pitch bend)?

    If some one could answer these questions for me that would be great!


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    Here are a couple of ways that I cue tracks up. I think Mr. Golden's work flow has all of his tracks "preped" and "Pre-cued." What I mean by that is he sets load markers so he doesnt have to spend time jogging and cue or even need the function itself.

    Two ways I do it:

    Have a cue set on the mix in point. Switch it to beat juggle mode, switch back and the cue is dropped on that cue point. Other then that, I press play hit shift+cue to drop a cue where I wanna mix in. If you pause the track and use the tempo bend you can push/pull the track to make precise changes in position.

    As for pitch adjusting, there are an increase and decrease button that are like 0.05 adjustments or so.

    I was trying to "manually beatmatch" today with the midi fighter mapping and I wasn't having much luck.

    I feel like if I could control the amount of pitch bend instead of it continually increasing to infinity it would work better.

    My understanding is that you pitch bend up enough to get the beats to match and then you adjust the pitch accordingly and then reevaluate until you have a good beat match. The current controls don't actually help me achieve this process.

    I hope that answers your questions. or at least sheds some light onto your situation


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