EMERGENCY AID! Vestax Typhoon JogWheel Jam before NYE!!!
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    Default EMERGENCY AID! Vestax Typhoon JogWheel Jam before NYE!!!

    Help guys~!!

    I have an emergency, I hope someone out there can provide advice!
    I have to play somewhere on NYE with my Vestax Typhoon Midi Controller and one of my Jog Wheels is jammed!

    When there is no pressure on the jogwheels (ie, when you aren't touching them,) the light underneath them is blue, as in this picture.

    When you start manipulating the jogwheels, the light underneath turns red.

    Without any pressure, the jogwheel on the left is always red. That means I can't scratch on the jogwheel! I also can't play anything on that jogwheel because as soon as i press play, the Vestax thinks my fingers are pressing down on the jogwheel to 'pause' it. I can only get it to play if I turn the 'filter' button on, the software then thinks the jogwheel is in "high pass / low pass" filter mode and lets music play on it.

    Something inside the Vestax is either contacting or not contacting behind the jogwheel to fool it into thinking there is pressure on it.

    Has anyone ever come across this problem before? How can I resolve it?!

    Please help, I need to use this unit on NYE and where I live now there aren't any DJing stores in this country! Literally

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    i have teh spin and its basically the same device...

    have you tried playing with the sensitivity settings for that jog in the back of the typhoon? i had something simmilar happen once with my spin and that did the trick

    also try re-installing the .tsi for the typhoon.... maybe itll help.

    or look up the spins .tsi from oldfashioned and try and install that and see if it works if all else fails.

    sorry if this doesnt help buddy. i got a gig on NYE wiht my spin and id be ripshit if it didnt work...
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    there's a few threads in the forum and on the blog how to coduct jog wheel maintanence.

    I would open it, clean the contacts for the jogs and grease'em up. This isn't uncommon.
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