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    Default Midi fighter benefits

    Hey guys
    I am heavily considering buying a midi fighter! Although i am looking to hook it up to my pioneer system and also one for my traktor kontrol s4. I was just wondering if these would all be compatible, and also the benefits that the controller would bring to the table.

    I would really appreciate some help


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    Have you seen some MIDI fighter videos? If you feel like you want to implement that kind of lightning fast action in your sets, go for it. If not, there's not really a point and a launchpad for example may then be a better expansion.

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    I was just wondering if these would all be compatible
    Yes, the MIDI fighter is just a MIDI controller so it will be compatible with any setup using a computer.

    the benefits that the controller would bring to the table
    16 responsive buttons that you can smash the hell out of... I really didn't think the MIDI fighter required a feature explanation.

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    What Devil said. It is compatible and it does whatever you want it to do. Watch all the videos you can find and see if you want to work like that or if you want to get creative and map it to how you want it to work.
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    just get ready for firmware update headaches... besides that... the unit feels great with the silicon sleeve.. without the sleeve the midi fighter is like a car without windows or doors... it may drive, but wont last very long

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