VCI-100 SE Arcade Manual/Tutorial?
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    Default VCI-100 SE Arcade Manual/Tutorial?


    finally my VCI-100 SE Arcade Edition Controller arrived and i realized that the basic video tutorials from Ean Golden are only for the VCI-100 SE (
    Is there any manual or tutorial which explains the functions of the controller with the arcade-style-overlay (because of the different inscriptions)?
    And which mapping is the perfect one for this overlay so it matches with the functions?

    greetz and thanks from germany

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    they should be exactly the same... the only difference with the arcade is the arcade buttons... they still do the same thing... all the functions should be exactly the same though... unless you got a second hand one with one of the older overlays.

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    thats exactly what i thought, but the overlays are not the same.

    this is my overlay:

    and the one he's using:

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    yeah thats the V2 overlay u got there. one of the older ones. new one is V3. I think theres still a mapping for the older overlay somewhere on the site if you want the functions to match the mappings, but the new mapping is better IMO. Search the forums for one of the older mappings, or just learn to use the new mapping without actually looking at the tags under the buttons. or if it really bugs you, just get one of the new overlays from the DJTT store and put it on your VCI

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    okay thank you, and which mapping is he using in this video? 3.6.4?

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    think so, its the latest one... well the latest one is just an update of that one with a few minor bug fixes. so just get the latest one and youll be able to do everything hes doin on the video

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    Just order a new overlay or get some masking tape and a sharpie.
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