Traktor 3.2 good for scratching
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    Default Traktor 3.2 good for scratching


    I'm quite new on this site, but I just recently purchased Traktor 3.2 and a Vestax VCI-100 and wanted to know why do I get a start delay when I release one of the jog wheels. The traktor seems to mimic a belt direct turntable. Is there any way around this. I've uploaded various TRK files, but none seem to work.

    Thanks in advance

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    JFlex welcome to the site it's an extremely handy place to visit often LOL. If you do a search for "Ramp Up" on the site search i'm pretty sure you will find all the explanation you need. Make sure you have a look around and read as many articles as you can because you will learn a hell of a lot around here ;-) have fun with it!

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    Even after making the changes Corporation described you will find Traktor Pro is better for scratching than any version of Traktor 3.

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