traktor stops receiving input from controller
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    Default traktor stops receiving input from controller

    So this problem has happened multiple times now. I have a vci-100 se, and every so often when I'm in fader fx mode, and I have the gator enabled, the controller will stop working. I can still control everything in traktor itself, but the controller won't do anything. I'm pretty sure this has only happened when I'm using the gator effect because I always remember that really annoying buzzing that won't go away unless i manually turn it off in the traktor program. I have to restart Traktor to make the contoller work again. Anyone know how I could fix this problem?

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    Are you on a PC? Maybe try using the PC tsi that cuts down on some of the LED feedback. midifidler posted that he's working on a tsi that works the same but may reduce some glitchy behavior. Have you tried just unplugging the VCI and plugging it back in? that might work and you wouldn't have to restart traktor.
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