Traktor pro issue !!! Urgent for new year gig !!!
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    Default Traktor pro issue !!! Urgent for new year gig !!!

    hi all !! unfortunatly i had my audio 8 dj interface stolen from my car after a gig last week !!!! im in dire need of a new soundcard for a gig for new years eve , but obviously after christmas i need a cheap alternative to tie my over until i can get on ebay for a replacement audio 8 . Obviously im not going to be using my timecode setup but need to be able to route traktor pro to my external mixer , can i use a Numark Dji0 for this as its cheap as chips ???
    Thankyou in advance for anyone who can help out before i buy :-)

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    Given that you need a new sound card in <36 are going to need to buy local. Overnight shipping would double the cost.

    Hit a local Guitar Center and ask about sound cards they have in stock.

    NI Audio 2 is a great card...street price is $100, it comes with all the required cables (USB, and two 1/4" stereo to RCA). This sound card is small, well built, and has a very loud output signal. I have been using this for about 8 months...and I am very happy with the value for $.

    Maya 44's go for about $130. That would get you two stereo outs, and two stereo ins. There might be a way to use the vinyl with this card. I used the GigaportAG for almost a decade (the integrated USB cable got cut early last year)....sound quality is similar to the Maya44 card...but the Gigaport is out's only.

    The Numark DJio is OK. I have a couple friends who use it. The case feels under built to me. Without some protection, I don't think it will survive for years in my gig bag. The sound quality is good enough not to be noticed.

    Good luck.

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    The Numark will work, but by the time you buy the cables and adapter you'll be pretty close to the Audio 2 which comes with the cables you need and sounds better. Plus it's small and tough and can serve as a great backup for moments like this.

    Here's a couple of roundups

    Phil did a pretty good review on less expensive sound cards here.
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    In a pinch, I'd use an audio2dj or a dj io…if you need 4 decks, just mix in mono and set it up accordingly.

    You obviously loose time code, and it's not an ideal solution…but it does work as a temporary fix.

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    where are you located? maybe a forum member in your area could loan you a sound card for the night

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