Hi guys

I bought this in November 2010 from a guy that said he never used it as he could not get it set up. It seemed new but I could not get it to work with an XP or Win 7 computer as a plug and play device besides a handful of times inititally. While the green power light lights up (and flashes after a while) no other buttons fire up and ithe imix comes up on the computer as an unrecognised or malfunctioning usb device when connected.

The traktor le programme I got with it was registered already so would not load and I would prefer to use my VDJ pro instead anyway, if I can get the Imix to power up and operate as a midi controller.

I gather after trawling the internet that there are no drivers for this plug and play device so not sure what I can do next to get the imix to work. Is a hardware or software problem or both?

Any suggestions, help or remedies would be much appreciated!!