Analogue CD decks with xone 1D and 2 Traktor X1's !?
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    Default Analogue CD decks with xone 1D and 2 Traktor X1's !?

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to this and trying to find the best setup for myself.
    I eventually want to DJ in clubs (Student nights, as I'm a student in Manchester) so I want a versatile portable setup, but don't want to be thrown by CDJ's when I enter club environment!!

    I've got a Xone 1D and a Launchpad.
    Also 2x Citronic CD-S6 and a Behringer DJX750 mixer.

    What could I do with all these?

    I was looking at this (and I do know how complicated it is but I like the setup)
    [ame=""]YouTube - Nygel36's Channel[/ame]

    Could I possibly do anything like that?
    Because I know my mixer and CD decks are analogue!?

    I'd be willing to buy 2 Kontrol x1's!

    Cheers guys.
    Peace x

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    You'd need to get a DVS software option. Either Serato Scratch Live, or Traktor Scratch Pro would be my recommendations.

    The reason for this, is you'd probably need to use the Timecode CD's to control the software (I don't believe your CDJ's are natively supported).

    Both of those pieces of software come with a soundcard that would allow you to hook them through your computer, and so that would be fine. It'd just be manipulating the sound through the computer, using your analogue hardware as controllers.

    Adding the X1's would add more control over the software basically.

    This is the pure original intention of DVS software. To give analogue control over a digital medium.

    So in short, yes you can do this. You just need to do the research and figure out what DVS and hardware combination would be your best option.
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    Hi mate cheers for the reply...
    I know about serato and that but it's just a bit expensive.
    I can't justify paying that much to do that one thing.

    I've got my Xone setup to control traktor now as a 4 deck controller
    with deck focus' and shift's etc. So I was thinking what my best bet would
    be is to keep my CD decks and mixer learn to DJ properly and soundly beat match etc, then when I eventually play live, just take my macbook and xone?
    Then I can just connect the clubs setup (2x CDJ 1000's and DJM800) to my macbook run them through Traktor... Or is it not that simple haa?

    Cheers again bro

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    You may have figured this by now but there are two options. 1. Have time code cds plus your 1d and play tracks through club mixer OR 2. Learn to beatmatch and use some cds plus add in 2 channels from traktor to the mixer. You could of course just plug 4 channels straight from traktor into the mixer but you need a decent soundcard like in the xone 2d or audio 8dj. Personally I would learn to beatmatch so you can fall back on cds. Been to a few gigs and had setup issues so using good ol cds only!

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