Making the jump from Virtual DJ to Traktor
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    Default Making the jump from Virtual DJ to Traktor

    Hi All,

    I'm brand new to this site and I have to say it's just like coming home being on here!

    I've had the VCi for a while now and am using it with virtual Dj. I play mainly reggae and dancehall music so never really gave any thought to beat juggling, fx and the like....untill i saw Ean's vids!

    I can totally see how those techniques could cross over quite neatly to the genre i play.

    my question is, even though Virtual Dj is capable of doing some of the more basic stuff, is it worth learning Traktor?

    I mean honestly what's all the fuss about?

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    I may have stated this here before or maybe it was over at the NI forums.

    I personally find Virtual DJ as you have said - good for basics, but it's too much like a toy.
    Once you get into Traktor you realise how basic VDJ actually is.
    Although you can get a lot of plugins and skins and stuff for VDJ, Traktor is much more sophisticated in the sound department. The quality of time stretching tracks and its effects are a lot better than VDJ. Just look at how you only get 2 variables for effects for starters.

    Just make sure you learn how to beatgrid - this is how you harness the power.

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    Hi im j1n...Im a midiholic and I to switched from Virtual Dj but into Ableton...For some reason I cant grasp traktor too well but I'm getting the swing of Ableton Live and liking its powers so far . One thing I do miss about Virtual Dj is the waveform over lays and the user friendly GUI, Traktor and Ableton lack in that department.

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    Default Pls show me how to connect VCI100 to Virtual DJ and Traktor

    Hi all,

    I'm new in this forum. Would you pls show me how to connet my VCI 100 to Virtual DJ 5.0 Traktor 3 LE.
    Thank you so much

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