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    I had one of those Rane skins when I used Serato. Hated it. It looked kinda cool but it was always coming off when I typed on it, and as I recall it was more confusing than helpful in terms of the key mappings.

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    does it just sit on top? any adhesive necessary? or do you just put it on when youre playing out, and take it off later?

    does it hinder typing all that much?

    so many questions...
    No it does not hinder typing at all. Not for me at least.

    3M adhesive spray would be a good idea. Make it completely water-proof. Except for you know, dropping it in the toilet.

    You may take it off later but it is completely transparent in that it feels as though it is not there. If fact, I like it because it dampens that clicking typing sound and makes it nearly silent.
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