RME Audio Interface RPM?
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    Default RME Audio Interface RPM?

    has anyone used this audio interface with the vci-100SE? It's in the 500-600 range but i was curious about the latency and if the headphone has an independent output recognized by traktor pro

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    i have NOT used it, but i got some experience with other RME interfaces, and they are defintely top notch. you surely will be able to assign whichever signal you want to the headphone output, cause one really great thing about RME interfaces is their internal routing software.

    check out this page for further info:

    "The stereo jack on the front panel can be used as an additional (third) independent stereo output, or as a headphone connector. The RPM comes with a built-in hardware mixer based on RME's TotalMix technology. Its capability to route and mix any of the inputs and outputs provides the RPM with 3 independent stereo submixes. TotalMix offers perfect monitoring and PFL functionality, removing the need for an additional external mixing desk in many cases. "

    next nicest thing if you cant afford a fireface.

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