Alright, so I have been slowly going through my music collection preparing everything for the VCI-100 that will arrive shortly. You may remember that I posted a topic about beat grids a couple of weeks ago and how I thought Traktor's auto grid was always a little behind (Beat line ahead of actual beat).

Well I went through the majority of my library (only about 50 songs so far), griding them to the built in metronome in Traktor. After again reviewing these I still am not certain if this is correct or not.

I was just wondering if someone has a song (or even some beats) that are perfectly gridded and would be so kind as to throw on a file host. I wouldn't mind taking a look at it and trying to learn from it because I'm starting to get a little frustrated.

I suppose this is where beat matching the traditional way is a little easier, you didnt have to have a song 100% spot on out of the gate, you could make adjustments. However, as most of you now do with digital DJing, I would rather be beat-mashing and mixing rather than tempo-bending and matching.