Hello -
I just received my DIY Midifighter last night and put it together with little issue.
Plugged it in... lights come on... lights reacted... nothing in Traktor Pro 1.2.7.

Loaded the TSI, got the midi in/out setup... still nothing...

Then I tried something...

I did the LEARN function and noticed that the mapping is different than what the site and the TSI are setup for (mapping below). Did I do something wrong? Grabbed the wrong TSI? Forgot to throw the super secret switch?

(BTW - I was able to force a LEARN on some of the CUE functions and get the hot cues to work... but only after I mapped them to what the Midifighter was sending out)

Thanks for any input


My Midifighter setup:

G#1 A1 A#1 B1
E1 F1 F#1 G1
C1 C#1 D1 D#1
G#0 A0 A#0 B0