OT: is it me or do Midi Companys hate on AMD?
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    Default OT: is it me or do Midi Companys hate on AMD?

    Seriously is it me or do DJ companies hate on AMD I mean theres few and far between companies that produce midi controllers for AMD and Intel. Is it really that bad like I probably wouldnt raise the point but since I have an AMD I would really like to know.

    Why not include AMD. I mean I was looking at the new controller specs. Most "Reccomend" Not using AMD. Now Im like "shit when i want to update my setup or my gear I'll have to buy a new computer too."

    Any of you guys out there understand why they do this?
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    what are you on about? i have an amd processor and i dont have any problems.

    until my laptop gets REALLY hot. then everything craps out on me
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    yeah im confused why amd would be a problem with a midi signal. perhaps theyre referring to amd running fast (and consequently hot) and causing hardware problems sooner than intel?

    not seeing the correlation here
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    get the feeling they might be covering their arses in the event of system issues...

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