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    I dont know whats on the go with DJTT but I find it hard to post threads and get them to actually post. It times out after I send it and the threads dont go up. Anyway, heres a revamped version of my first thread.

    Long story short, I want some opinions on ho I feel about what I have setup. I'm not asking anyone to give me the answer to my problems but I need external insight on my decisions I am making.

    Right now I am using a denon x120, 2 midi fighters and a X1. I have also used a novation sl25 and the scs3 system. I have been djing for a year or so, I have played a couple house parties and birthdays, I still haven't found a medium t express myself thru as of yet.

    I am considering the turntable/cdj route. Also with the update of traktor pro comming and sample decks being a 4 channel manner, I am probably going to grab a DMM4k 4 the 4 channel mixer capiabilities. I know this is sort of a step back depending on the outlook, but cdjs+mixer just seems so solid. As time progresses I am seem to be more concerned with people actually dancing to my song selection more so then be interested in the "guitar solo" type djing skills. All the power to the people who take offense to that because its crazy cool stuff to perform but its just not how I wanna express myself nor am I capable of doing so.

    I've seen DJ Blendz on the internet rocking his CDJ's I dont think that kind of crazy dancing around could be done as care free on a digital set-up. Thats what I am after carefree set-ups.

    I think I'd also like to consider doing some djing without a computer at all and use cds just to experience the beatmatching in a non-digital way.

    Cdj's seem like they will still be a dominate medium for a significant time yet thus being a good medium to choose.

    Then there is the choice of CDJ's I'm searching around to see if I can find a second-hand pair but its hard to find second hand deals in St.John's NL,

    It seems denon and stanton are the only things they keep in stock at Long Mcquade. Its just as well to order off the internet completely because it tkes less time then for them to order in. Maybe there is a good non-pioneer substitute?

    If anyone feels like they want to light me up, then dont hold back. I'm looking for some experienced opinions here. If I am gettin' on with crazy then let me know. Thanks!

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    i understand your decision to go to a non computer set up.

    however, a more cost effective way to go about this would be (im not jumping on the band wagon, it just makes sense) the S4

    you have a proper set of pitchfaders, so you CAN beatmach on it.

    you have the 4 sample banks right there already. so if you want a 'solo' you can go ahead, but you dont HAVE to.

    also, the HID touch sensitive jogs are more accurate (because its HID) so should you want to, you could try scratching on the medium sized jogs.

    you still have a 4 channel mixer, portability, you dont need to look at the computer except to choose songs, hou have the sample banks, you can beat match with it and you can still take advantage of the gear you have thus far.
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    yeah CDJ's are going to be around for a while, or at least the new pioneer 900/2000's will anyway. club wise they got it pretty right with those things and they future proofed themselves with the incorporation of USB, and track sharing. While DJ's actually using CD's are going to become fewer and fewer, the new hardware was intended to stick around for a while. Unfortunately aswel, if you want to eventually get into the club scene, club owners and promoters arent going to take you seriously if you use controllers in a lot of cases. Some do, but a lot dont, not at the moment anyways, so your only option really is to play on CDJ's or vynil/timecodes, at least for the first gig or 2... to kind of prove to them your a credible DJ... its silly and its shit in most cases. Maybe in a few years things will change...

    I definately think its a good idea to learn how to beatmatch properly by ear. I started on vynil, but now im on either controllers or timecode. When im on controllers i notice traktor is occasionally off a little with the beatgrids. Some i set manually on my more used songs, but im not going to start perfectly beatgridding over 15,000 songs any time soon, i have better things to do, so its good to be able to notice and pick up when a track is slightly off, and be able to fix it on the fly.

    I think you learn a lot about DJing through the process of manual beatmatching, especially if you learn to do it properly. things like proper phrasing, mixing in key, effectively mixing breakdowns, timing. I think i would have missed half of it if i had just started fiddling around on a controller with the sync button, and i certainly wouldnt have gotten this far in the clubs either. A few times when playing at new venues i hadnt played at yet, ive had to play my first few gigs with the clubs equipment (CDJ's/TT's) to sort of prove i know what im doing, before they let me do a set with controllers. Now with controllers, things are a lot easier for me, but i dont regret one bit having learned how to beatmatch properly. Its good training for the ears, its helped with my productions, it helps you pick up all the little details and its just a handy skill to have as a DJ. And its allways a good backup aswel in case something goes wrong with controllers.

    I dont know, personally, i get a sense of satisfaction when i beatmatch tracks manually, it still feels wrong for me to push the sync button especially out at the clubs.

    just my 2c

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    You don't need to switch to CDJs to be able to spin your set and not fu*k up perfectly good tracks with technical skills that sound like garbage and add nothing. Just don't do them.

    Pack away your midi fighters, your novation, and your scs.3. A good mixer (yours counts) and an X1 is all you need. Don't even use effects…just spin your set.

    When you feel like you can express yourself like that, then you can start thinking about incorporating all the other stuff.

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