settign up me vci 100?
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    Default settign up me vci 100?

    I have traktor 3, with an audio 8, and 2 technic 1210's and an rane mojo mixer, i saw Ean playing the vestax 100 and so i got one, and love it,

    BUT, i don't know how to set everying up.......

    what do i do?

    when i have the vestax hooked up to my computer and play a song it works, but when i want to mix and cue up the song on the other side, i hear it,

    i can't figure out how to set everything up. what do i do? there are so many ways i've tried and failed.

    do i have to buy a sound card? i thought the audio 8 would work but how now?

    and, i really want to use 4 decks with my traktor pro and my traktor 3.4, but i never figured out how to use 4 decks, traktor told me to look at my manual, but i still can't do it, i have met people online throug this forum who have to same trouble to both of these queations.

    anyone, anyone, if you have time and don't mind newcomers asking queations you pro's know i would really appreciate it, and also a few other people that i will repost the responses too.

    thanks dj's for the backup.
    dj dash
    seattle wa, a triple mocha and a vestax 100yes!!!!

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    i asked this very question about a month ago...

    yes you do need a soundcard, i have a Numark DJ in/out which has a heaphone jack and 2 outputs for you amp. you need to configure the audio preferences in Traktor, 'master' (being your speakers) and 'monitor' (being your heaphones), fiddle around with this and it might solve your problem. Its something like

    master: 0 & 1
    monitor 2 & 3

    or somewhere along those lines. Good luck!

    oh and for the four decks click on file or whatever it is on mac and youshould be able to find where you can toggle to show decks c and d

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    Default thanks, it helps soo much

    i was going crazy, becouse i have the audio 8, so i was like , i thing i need another external sound card,

    and on the 4 deck thing, i can see the decks and use them on internal mode but i want to know if i need 2 more turntables and control records to use the decks in external mode or time code vynil that is?
    or can i use the 4 decks with just 2 control records?
    and how do you hook it up wiht audio 8?
    do you need more of the rca jacks that came with the audio 8 and plug it into my other 2 phono channels on my mixer, audio 5/6 in 5/6 out and 7/8 in and 7/8 out?

    thanks for the help, i really really really appreciate it, i was about to give up

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