question on MIDI mapping w/ an MPK25 to Traktor
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    Default question on MIDI mapping w/ an MPK25 to Traktor

    I want to toggle a "Shift" key that changes the functions of my knobs when activated (specifically the very last white key on the keyboard). when i try to learn them, it only replaces the key/knob that i last pressed/moved. How would i go about mapping this?
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    Create a new modifier (MOD1 if it's free, if not any other) and click Learn, - then press the key you wish to use - change the type of control to Button and set it to hold then set the value to 1.

    Create the other functions you want your knobs mapped to, map them as usual and select modifier options - MOD1=1.
    Go to the function that you want the knobs to perform normally and make sure in the modifer options it says MOD1=0

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