Vci-100 se & Midi Fighter problem
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    Unhappy Vci-100 se & Midi Fighter problem

    I just upgraded to the most recent version of Traktor, 1.2.7, and after doing so everything stopped working.

    I am using the VCI-100 SE Firmware 1.3, with the 2.5 mapping.
    I am also using one midi-fighter.

    For the midi-fighter I was using the MF 1.1 mapping with the 2.5 mapping on VCI and everything was working fine except I couldn't trigger sampling mode and the dedicated echo effect.

    I noticed the deckalized version and saw the video showing Ean using those features and deduced that was the reason I couldn't use sampler/echo features. Naturally I downloaded and that is where everything went crazy.

    Sampling mode and echo now worked but I couldn't focus on the deck I wanted like in MF 1.1. Every time I would switch decks it would stop playing the track in the deck it went out of and disable the track from the deck I went into (unable to hit play until I cycle through all the decks again). I think midi data is getting confused somewhere and am at a loss.

    I have tried every combination of things, went in and selected the in and out ports to be midi-fighter and it still didn't work. I noticed there are four deck settings to select from in preferences after importing deckalized mode. Do I need to adjust all of them, one of them, do I need MF 1.1 imported also so I can switch decks?

    On the video Ean had two midifighters, but read in the description that deckalized can still work with one midi fighter to control all four decks.

    Trying to figure out what setup is needed to have vci-100 se & fully functioning midi fighter (sampling/echo) coexisting with each other.

    You guys are amazing and am sure its my stupidity stopping everything from working. This seems like something others might run into and hope this can be of use to them as well.

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    i have the same problem.. vci 100 se and ipad emulating a midi fighter.. first delay is a phaser.. and the echo freeze does nothing... i also cant into the sampler mode..
    im still trying.. im ure i havent tried everything yet...

    MF uses ch3 and vci 100 uses channel 1 so there shouldnt be any clashes with midi signals.

    i think.

    i love this stuff!!!!

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    oh anf joe there are various versions.. for a single MF that can select between a and b.. (never worked for me it stops playback) one that can scroll through all four decks and the one you have that is assigned to a deck. find the ab one lets get this sorted! looks like great fun to use ! thanks all thee midi fighters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joezohar View Post
    On the video Ean had two midifighters, but read in the description that deckalized can still work with one midi fighter to control all four decks.
    If you have midifighter selected in in/out ports for ALL FOUR mappings then that's probably your probably your problem. You want to use the AB or ABCD focussed mapping, or only select ONE of the deck mappings in the standard deckalized mapping.
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