USB to RS232 that works fine
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    Default USB to RS232 that works fine

    first, sorry for my poor english, today I recieve black overlay, the JogGrip and the upgrade kit to firmware 1.3. I use a usb to rs232 converter that i was bought in dealextreme, the link is:

    only 7$ and free shipping to all the world , well, as describe in the faq I configure the port to serial 2 and the update is all ok . The update was made in a XP SP3 with native drivers for the cable (the converter comes with a cd drivers but don't need).

    I use for the upgrade the 4.02.00 version of the renesas software:

    this version install and work perfect in SP3, the version 4.02.01 in my computer say that was a error with SP3, and don't work for me.

    The Overlay is simply perfect!!! and the JogGrips fantastic.

    Ean, great job!!! thankyou for all (and for the 2 stickers) .

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    thanks for sharing that info with the community!

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