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    Quote Originally Posted by sepdanger View Post
    So pretty much / wait 2 months and then make the purchase cause they might have a special chip installed thats Legit Uber Pwn'age ... ? or sumthin n stuff?
    Is there anyway to find this out? And is it worth it to wait for Lion or do u think that this is sumthin that im gonna be able to update later?

    And can i get this super chip installed aftermarket? And do u know where to find release dates? im havin a tough time pretty much lol
    I believe Lion is just for the iPad? I was debating this for a month or so in my head and I finally decided i'm picking up the i7 15" MBP which is regularly 2200 for 1900 with the student discount (or its something close to that).

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    Yep if you can't hold your horses, i would go for an i5 or i7. Definitely not the core 2 duo not that they are no good, but you will have more bang for your money. Could look at refurbished macs on the apple store.

    I'm in the same dilemma, but i will sit this one out.

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