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    Quote Originally Posted by Groats View Post
    "doing a full DJ set without ever touching a mixer"

    That's a very puristic approach. Although I agree that those technical tricks like fx or even cue point juggling tends to get boring really quick and should be kept to a minimum, there is a point where not using some of those perks makes things painful.
    Oh yeah. I don't normally do it. It started as a pissing contest on DJF…I didn't understand how people could mix without EQs and said something about it…so someone recorded and posted a soulful deep house set mixed on a Urei 1620. It was gorgeous. So, I started to try to see how far I could push things.

    I like my delays, and I certainly use EQs most of the time (less in the last week or so…going through an "i really want an old-school rotary" phase at the moment). My point was that they're not necessary for a good DJ set and that anything beyond very basic mixing should come after you at least start learning how to program a set. I've heard very good mixes that were all over the place in terms of style, tempo, use of effects and EQs…but it was obvious that they were well programmed. Even one wrong track if you're taking that many chances can be disastrous. I promise you that people who do that kind of thing well started much more simply.

    DJing well takes a lot of practice. Tools like Auto Sync and Traktor and SSL's visual aids shorten the first couple months to a couple days…after that, nothing changes…you just have more stuff to screw up with than someone buying hardware and records at much higher prices.
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    IMHO, most of these answers have not actually brought up a major point.
    You can know your music inside and out. Breaks, intros, outros, count bars, etc but
    if you aren't paying attention to the crowd, you aren't doing your job. Play your music according to how the crowd is vibing.
    Don't be THAT Dj that plays what he wants to hear, play what moves the crowd. I'm almost 40 and I come from a generation when the DJ was heard, not seen. The new school DJ jumps up and down turning knobs. You should play music that keeps the party people moving and really, that's your only jobs as a club DJ.
    Sets are important as a starting point, but after that you need to improvise to whatever the crowd is feeling. Kinda like a NFL team that has 10 set plays to start a game but then they make adjustments with the success and/or failure of each play. LOL...get it??

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    Recordings: Choose first and last tracks, Jam the fuck out. Check time, all good. Jam the fuck out while recording.
    Gigs: Put down beer and/or rolled up bill, Choose first track. Jam the fuck out. Realise mixer isn't on. Blame sound tech. Pick up beer. Rinse and repeat.
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