Very-Mobile DJ Setup Questions
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    Default Very-Mobile DJ Setup Questions

    NOT a controller question! Can you imagine?!

    I think I've decided on that.

    Here's what I am looking to do.

    Create an All-in-one case to bring to places to rock out some tunes. Plug in, and spin at a skatepark, at a party, out on the street, in my bedroom... all ready to go.

    Basically, the controllers on top and speakers underneath. All in a wooden case or something, wheels on one side and a handle of some sort on the other - it might sound stupid, but I think it could really work out.

    The case, transportation and method are not important at this point - I'll figure that out later.

    For now, I have a question that's well out of my element.

    I'm just going to get cheapish speakers to start... I've seen some on kijiji and the like. Some appear to be larger, with subs and horns all built in... kenwood and other 'good' names.

    Is there a place where I can read up on what it takes to 'run' these speaker systems?

    Do they have separate power sources?

    So, audio coming OUT from my soundcard and INTO what?

    I'm sorry to be very broad here, but I don't know how else to ask...

    Something like that...

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    well, your ultra mobile set up sounds like a giant rock.

    itll be a pain in the ass to load a 5x2x5 foot set up into a car.

    also, its much better to have your speakers up, and slightly tilted down. this projects the sound at people a lot better than them being on the ground.

    also, all the bass and all the other vibrations will move your jogs (assuming you cant change the resistance), this will put your songs slowly out of phase.

    cheaper cabinet speakers are likely un powered. this means you also need to buy an appropriate amp, and thats a whole nother topic in its self.

    your 'ultra mobile set up' would be better off with powered speakers (regardless of where you keep the speakers, you wont need to carry an amp with you too)
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    There was someone else on the forums who did something like this. He had his entire setup in one case. He created the entire thing, and even had an inbuilt monitor in it. He also had a DIY thread, which I can't find right now.

    Honestly if I were to do what you're thinking of, i'd just copy his setup (I don't remember if he had any speakers on his) and then pick up two PA speakers.

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    I'd keep the speakers separate from the controllers due to the vibrations and it allows you to position the speakers for the best coverage and acoustics. As for the speakers if you are trying to keep it as portable as possible make sure to go for powered (aka active) speakers meaning they have the amplifier built in. If you go with passive speakers you also have to buy an amplifier.
    So basically the setup would be:

    Soundcard --> speakers

    Soundcard --> amp --> speakers

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    and 2 of these.
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    Behringer seems to have a nice mobile PA setup, did you checked it alredy?

    But I don't know if it's good...

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