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    Hello, I have upgraded to 1.4 firmware and am using latest mappings with Traktor Pro 1.2.7.

    Problem is that after turning on everything after about 30 seconds, without even touching anything on the VCI-100, all the lights start flashing on the VCI and nothing works. Turning off and on resets but same thing keeps happening.

    Is it a firmware, mapping or software issue or has my VCI-100 simply dying as its a few years old?


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    Yeesh! That sucks man. I don't have a clue, try checking for bad drivers on your PC/Mac if you can? Maybe try disconnecting all other devices and just connect the VCI and see what happens.


    Also in what order did this happen? Have you just installed the firmware and new .tsi then this started happening?

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    Wow you're the second person I've seen with this problem today. What's your computer specs? You might try to downgrade to 1.3 and see if that fixes it.
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    Are the IN and OUT ports for the tsi set to the VCI-100 or all ports? if it's all ports you'll have problems with it going crazy, if not then I don't think I can help I'm afraid!
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