Wave display (Linear view vs 12" View) ??
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    Default Wave display (Linear view vs 12" View) ??

    I just bought Traktor Pro and have messed around with Deckadance a little bit but from what I've briefly read about the others (Serrato, Torq, etc) I dont see that any of them offer a sort of 12" waveform display of your tracks.

    I know you have the ability to use the "virutal deck" view but this does not have the waveform displayed. I think it would be great if this was offered in Traktor and would offer us old vinyl DJs an other option to get that "home" feeling.

    Hopefully Im explaining this in an understandable way. Those who spin vinyl remember the way you could "see" the whole track and its various parts that were noticeably different (i.e. part with just vocals compared to the rest of the track). A good example of what Im talking about is what Chemical Records does with its audio samples on their site: http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/ (basically place the waveform display in a circular 12" manner and allows you to skip through the track with the virtual "arm" as you would, say while previewing records in an actual record store (image that....real records). Try it out by previewing a track on this site.

    And actually what I think would be fucking AWESOME would be for Otus to incorporate this in their platter. I understand it has touch sensitive surface. I dont think the actual top of the platter is but Im sure this could be done. The way I'd use it would be just like skipping the needle on the record to various parts (i.e. if I touch a portion of the platter face about 1/3 of the way down it would skip to the track about 1/3 of the way into the track). A visual supporting interface would be good too (nothing fancy...maybe even just an LED) If they wanted to get AMAZING they'd figure out a way of making the platter an actual graphical display of the waveform but considering all your movements would be followed up by the 12" graphical waveform view in Traktor this wouldn’t be too necessary just an amazing perk.

    Does anybody else think this would be very super helpful for hands-on control or know of anything like this already being provided?

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    The NS7 has a patended "strip search"

    Basicly its a touch sensitive strip that is mapped to jump though a song - how you can patent that is completely beyond me.

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