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    Default The SAiKSnTEHE SUPERMiKS [electro-haus]

    What goes on a turntable? hint- begins with V
    took me 5 mins to think of the answer hahah and it's VINYL!!! that's a hard question, especially for digital DJs

    but anyways, it took a long long time and many tries but my budday Saiks and myself, Tehe, have finally achieved a listenable result from a mixing session... it took a while so I sincerely hope you enjoy it!!!


    X session pro
    traktor pro
    some damn clever traktor pro maps
    dynaudio bm5a's
    presonus firebox
    thinkpad z60t
    lots of time (xmas break!)
    sm58 (sorry for the cheesy dubs, i tried to spice things up a bid =S)

    Please criticize!!! We started a few months ago and have done small events, but want to move up... Do you think this mix can get us into clubs if I promoted like crazy???
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    commonnn i need some thoughts

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