Return my vci-100!
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    Exclamation Return my vci-100!

    Hey guys i would like to return my vci100SE, i purchased it about a year ago.
    I havent been to happy with the product as one of the headphone cue lights went dead on me. when i asked about it in support i got soldering instructions.
    Doesnt make sense to me, usually when i buy a product and it breaks down im told to send it in for repairs not make the repair myself. Now the mapping isnt working right and ive tried everything. If possible i would like to trade it in for the NI S4 with headphone package and the flight case. I will cover the difference.

    Thank you
    Vin Savage

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    This isn't the place to ask for a return, email DJTT support for that.

    Unfortunately the cue LED dying is quite a common problem and that isn't DJTT's fault, vestax must have had a bad batch. Replacing it isn't too hard, I did it with zero soldering experience.

    You may get lucky and they might accept it as a return, but you have had it for a year. Otherwise they might buy it off you as part of their reconditioning program but you won't get the original price.
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    I already fwd this to our guy that handles the DJTT orders. Hope you hear from them soon.
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    THanks JesC

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    Vin please send me an email at

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZachDero View Post
    Vin please send me an email at
    Zach is the man^

    DJTT encourages DiY and it might be faster if your willing to handle it yourself. I feel your frustration, best of luck getting it fixed/replaced quickly!
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