DM2 Replace buttons with rotaries
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    Default DM2 Replace buttons with rotaries

    Speaking of the DM2 - does anyone know if you can replace any of the buttons with rotaries? I really like the idea of re-housing the DM2 in a custom box - but I'd definitely need rotaries/faders... Maybe the 4-banks could accomodate this?

    I've got 2 DM2s - it kills me that I can't use 'em both at the same time!

    Does the DM2Midi software allow for this??? (I'm sure I'm just wishing , here...)

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    I really don't think that you can do this. From what I understand, the buttons on the DM2, after going through DM2MIDI, output either 0 or 127, the range of MIDI. I don't think they're touch sensitive so when you push a button, it's either down or it isn't. A potentiometer (knob) outputs any number from 0-127, so I don't think that it's possible.

    That's my theroy, if anyone has any corrections than feel free to tell me otherwise.

    Honestly, just order a pre-built controller for the knobs. I've got a Korg nanoKONTROL just begging to be ordered, I"ll be getting one myself. For my DM2, I plan on making a custom housing and two dozen or so arcade buttons from Happ to replace all of the DM2 buttons with nice arcade buttons. Also, I dunno if DM2MIDI can route two DM2s at the same time. Maybe if you route it right, you can run two copies of the software.

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    I talked about this in this thread -

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