Traktor VCI-100 sync turns off after movement 1.4 firmware
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    Default Traktor VCI-100 sync turns off after movement 1.4 firmware

    Hey, im using traktor with 1.4 firmware update from djtts on my vci-100. The problem is when I beat mash hard or hit the vci on the side, the sync this is currently engaged turns off. It happens on both decks (a and b) and was seeing if I could get some help. Thanks

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    i have the same problem. i messed around with the mapping a lot so i could have caused this myself. no mashing needed but it prefers to do this when i'm really busy twisting knobs.


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    you can re-download everything and try it fresh to see if it happens. I'm using 1.4 and it stated this problem was fixed in the update so I dunno...

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    I imagine this is just because you are accidentally nudging a jog wheel in scratch mode which will take a track out of sync. Be a bit more gentle
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