What do people use to make their mixes?
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    Default What do people use to make their mixes?

    Just curious what software people use.

    Do you use a live setup, like Traktor Pro or vinyl decks and record the session, or do you use a more mastering/timeline/linear sequencer software and take time to match up, edit a master each mix in something like Ableton.

    Just wondering what people use to create their mixes, more out of curiousity than anything.
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    Traktor. If I don't mix it manually (no relation to sync/beatmatch) I feel it's not my mixtape. Some things just come naturally when you do a live recording

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    I use traktor. But i believe this question has already been asked. It seems a few ppl here have to crank out a decent number of (promo) mixes. Those folks sometimes argue in favor of mixmeister or ableton (because it's easier to generate "perfect" mixes with those).

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