Hello everyone! I am an aspiring music producer who recently got his first midi controller in the form of the Novation Launchkey 49. I am already a trained pianist, maybe a bit out of practice currently due to real life events, but I would like to get into more practice with my music production. However, there is a bit of a roadblock to this.

A cat peed on my Launchkey. Like, seriously, directly on it. I left it on a bench while looking for a way to properly and safely store the device but...this cat decided that day was the day he'd pee on it.

Now. The launchkey works totally fine except for one issue. The keys are sticky. If the keys are sticky, I cannot play accurately or enjoy what I'm playing because I'm constantly being driven crazy by the sticky keys. I want to take it apart and clean it, but due to past experiences and the fact that this is a 200 dollar piece of equipment, I elected to take the smart path and do my research and discover if I can safely disassemble my launchkey without ruining any of the inner mechanisms with my tampering, as good as my intentions may be.

So to sum it all up in a TL;DR: Can I safely remove the outer shell of my Launchkey 49 without ruining any inside mechanisms? My intention is to carefully clean the key mechanisms so that I may once again play it accurately. If there is a particular way that I need to do it, please do let me know. Thank you.