A controller for TP2?
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    Default A controller for TP2?

    Was wondering what controllers there are available for TP2?

    Not to interested in needing any "turntable" style plates like on the S4 or VCI.

    Just a good mixer section and buttons!

    http://www.4midiloop.com/en/about_us/ looks great but is very expensive.

    Is there other alternatives?


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    Just about any controller will work with TP2. The lucky people that have been able to sue it have reported that their Midi Fighter's and VCI's and whatever all work with TP2. But if your looking to buy I would definitely recommend the S4.


    EDIT: I'm having a problem reading today. If you don't want platters look into a couple of X1's and a four channel mixer. Lost of people like the DDM4000. I like the looks of that DNX1600 from Denon.
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    Totally depends if you want to go modular (separate soundcard etc) or something all in one?

    In all honesty, the S4 is a very effective solution, despite the platters, because you get everything, the software, the soundcard and the mixer.

    I'm sure once you use the platters you'd like em
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    I'd also recommend the S4. I just picked mine up and its great.

    Like you I'm not one for jogwheels as I don't scratch but I've found myself using them quite a bit for things like browser search and cue-ing up tracks. I owned a Xone DX before and this is the best moved I've made in a long time.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I'm not in need of platter either, I've tried using 1d+2d, apc40, apc20 and now I'm on the ohm64 -gotta say I love the thing.

    It's completely midi mappable so u can customise 'til your hearts content, I've got 4 decks mixer on left, cues/loops/beatjumps/syncing for each deck on the pads and an effects section on the right (also been working on pages that turn the pad section for decks c&d into track browse, deck specific midi fighter combo sections and there should be plenty of space for the new features in tp2).

    Personally I prefer the pads to the akai stuff and there's midi in and out too. Only thing I miss is not having at least one endless rotary.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    What is your budget since that will be the limiting factor? Most controllers will have jogwheels but you can always remap them to effects or whatever you want them to be.

    I am just getting back into DJ'ing again after getting tired of watching my 1200s collect dust. I went with a Numark Mixtrack. $130 delivered to my door from Amazon.com. I also ended up getting TPro and an Audio 4. And now I'm seriously considering upgrading to TSP and trying out their DVS.

    But yeah I'm stoked with it. Does pretty much everything I want it to do. And I didn't have to invest a lot of $$$.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for all the responses guys. Sadly I think I am looking for something to specific. Although I could get a mixer and seperate controllers as photojojo said, I really like all in one solutions.

    Yeh... The S4 does seem like an all in one... and it has got a soundcard to I suppose.

    There just something about it I dont like.... xD

    That Ohm64 looks pretty nice abletom... You may have hit the nail on the head there... Suppose I can just draw on the buttons "Play" and what not :-p

    It is such a shame that 4midiloop controller is so expensive. It dosent even have a soundcard!

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    I'm not a fan of the ohm64, though I can see why some people like it. I don't think it has enough knobs, especially if you're expecting it to act as a mixer as well. I always have that problem…there are a lot of very decent controllers on the market, but I can't find one that feels like it's not a toy that has enough buttons, the S4 included.

    If you want to do the all-in-one thing and you know what you way, I think you might as well figure out what you want in terms of separate units and build them into a single case…just put all the cables inside it and bring that one flight case/coffin. It'd be bigger, but it shouldn't be too huge.

    That's probably what I'm going to end up doing if I end up needing more control than just a pair of X1s…which I might…haven't decided yet.

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