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    Default DDJ-T1 TSI file here and how to move from Traktor (pioneer version) to scratch pro

    I just bought it. You can easily get them for $950.
    TSI file here
    TWO - how to move from Pioneer version of Traktor to Regular Scratch Pro

    If you have traktor scratch pro installed do this:
    Install ddj version on top of the existing one
    Go to service center
    Go to overview and edit the number from scratch pro
    Input the number from ddj version
    Click Activate
    Open Traktor so it can load all the stuff from ddj version
    Close trakor
    Open service center again
    Input your serial from scratch pro
    Activate it in service center
    Open traktor and follow the wizard.
    You are done

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    Any chance you can get that tsi file back up and downloadable?

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