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    I just got the X session and seem to be having difficulty getting it to work with Traktor. I downloaded the tks from this site, but still doesn't seem to be working. The MIDI Learn doesn't seem to be recognizing the knob movements. Anyone set this up and have any tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dooflocks View Post
    I just got the X session and seem to be having difficulty getting it to work with Traktor.
    The MIDI drivers are not as flexible as they might be. Some questions:

    1. Did you plug in the XSession Pro before starting Traktor? Traktor only looks for MIDI devices once at startup, so all devices you want to use must be active before you start the application.

    2. Did you enable MIDI input from the XSession Pro? Go to Settings/MIDI Interfaces and make sure there's an "X" beside the input from the XSession Pro.

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    i am having the same problem as him and i had it plugged in before i started traktor and first thing i did was made sure midi input was on but midi learn is just not working for me.
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    I recommended buying an x session to a friend of mine to use with Traktor Pro, thinking I would be able to set it up fairly easily for them.

    I've never actually used one before but i've heard nothing but good things about them.

    This might be a stupid question, but can't you use the Enigma software to map all the controls to Traktor Pro?

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