Weird problem with USB hub and wireless mouse
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    Default Weird problem with USB hub and wireless mouse

    A couple of weeks ago I finally got my wireless mouse back. I noticed that if I use it when my USB hub (powered btw) is plugged in that the mouse doesn't work very well. The movement of the mouse on the screen will be fine at first and then all of a sudden it'll be real jerky and really not usable.

    If I unplug the USB hub, it works fine.

    Any ideas why?
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    The only thing I can think of is interference, but that doesn't make much sense. Is it a bluetooth computer or are you using a dongle?
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    Idk, so here's some Copy Pasta'

    Excessive bluetooth devices. If your bluetooth network is trying to connect to a bunch of devices at once… your mouse movement will suffer. Turn off the devices you are not using.

    Poor USB Bluetooth Dongle Location. If you put your dongle on the back of your computer and shove the system into the back of your desk, the signal has to travel far and through a lot of material. Use a USB extender and tape the dongle on the back of the desk. It’ll be out of the way but closer to your mouse.

    Low Battery In Device. If your signal is weak coming out of your mouse or whatever, you are hosed. Replace those batteries.

    Interference with wireless networks. Although rare, I have seen problems when a bluetooth device or dongle was very close to a powerful wireless signal. The biggest problem I saw was a dongle placed right next to a wireless router.

    Poor Drivers. Many bluetooth systems come with poor drivers. Updating them helps a great deal.

    Yahoo answers: bluetooth although it runs on the same frequency as a wireless modem (2.4ghz) has a much smaller packet size and there for will not interfere with each other.

    Could your mobile phone be on close by also things such as wireless tv senders run on 2.4ghz and will cause interference for bluetooth

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