Hey guys,

When it comes to mapping/modifying a .tsi file I rarely have a clue what I'm doing. But watching the youtube clip of Ean Golden about the new VCI-100SE mapping, he made it sound easy to atleast modify the 1-4 fx preset banks to my own liking. So I thought I could give it a try since I just wanted to change the 3 chained effects on fx preset bank 3.

Goal: To simply change fx preset bank 3 to Iceverb, Peak Filter, and Reverb.

I squinted hard on my mbp 13 to look for the mapping comments that said "fx preset 3" and changed them accordingly. I closed the preference tab and proceeded to mix. Holding fx preset 3 button and headphone button for deck A/B worked right. BUT the LED light for fx bank preset 3 is not working. Instead LED light for fx bank preset 2 is lit. So I failed at my first try at modifying a .tsi file.

Now can anyone tell me how I can go back fixing this problem and doing it the right way? Any help mucho appreciated!