VCI-100 incoming, need some infos.
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    Wink VCI-100 incoming, need some infos.

    I'm about to receive a VCI-100
    I'm not a n00b but I still have some questions:

    Supposing I have firmware 1.1/1.2 what are the biggest problems?
    I read about some buttons giving the same midi signal,
    is that a confirmed issue?
    and are those buttons more than 3?
    can I just isolate those buttons and never press them?
    I can midilearn everything no problem, I'm used to custom mappings on my gears.

    then, I think I will upgrade to 1.4 in the next month or so..
    are the faceplates in the shop updated to 1.4 or are they 1.3?

    but now I will need to know how to deal with the vibrations problems giving me sync issues.

    Is there a way to fix that on 1.1/1.2 ? like disable the jog wheels or something?


    (also if anyone can please tell me shipping times for Europe/Italy because I need to order the update chip)


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    Welcome to the forums asdland. There are several bugs with the firmware 1.1 and 1.2 One of the biggest bugs is the one you are referring to where buttons send out the same midi note. You could skip over these buttons, but then you wouldn't be getting the most out of your controller. I would recommend reading the product page of the firmware chip to see all of the improvements:
    I would also recommend considering purchasing an overlay to take advantage of our custom mappings:

    You can disable the jog wheels if you want to, but I find putting a piece of foam under the controller and turning the sensitivity down works great.

    Shipping time varies for firmware chips depending on the service level. First class takes 2-4 weeks, priority takes about 7-12 days.

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    With the stock firmware, the buttons labeled "effect" in the channel sections are tied to other buttons in the upper right fx section, so mapping input and led outputs can be annoying. As for vibration issues, another technique is that you can program things to avoid vibration problems without actually disabling the jogs. The button labeled "vinyl mode" basically just switches a jog between two separate sets of commands. You can use one set of commands traditionally, putting scratch on the top of the jog and pitch bend on the outside acrylic, then use the other set of commands top put scratch on the top, but no pitch bends on the outside. This way you just "flip the switch" if you get vibration issues.

    Update your firmware if you can, though. Not only are the bugs fixed, but it adds a ton of new notes and CC messages, so you can build superknobs/faders with ease.
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