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    Default Launchnome v1.0

    No M4L
    No Reaktor

    Only follow actions and Artillery....

    Itīs a first attempt.... only for fun...

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    wow that was awesome! so are the bottom 4 rows clips in ableton? or something else?
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    It's simple ....

    4 loops sliced 8 pieces ...
    follow the action down and return the first, for normal playback loop
    4 tracks in a group with artillery and a midi track with clips for control
    4 buttons for stop tracks and 1 to disable the midi track to Artyllery ...

    turn 90š launchpad for monome's simulation complete hehehe

    Sorry for this little information, but I do not speak English .... I'm Spanish...

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    Great clips to watch its great ,..nice video shared here dude,...thanks,..

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    thanks to you for watching

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