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    Default Korg kaossilator pro

    im currently using my xone dx to mix with traktor and i love it and all but i wanna get more into my mixes by playing live with a kaossilator pro and making beats live is it possible to sync the korg pad to traktor could i just run a midi cable from the korg pad to my xone dx? thanks!

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    You could midi clock it, just with a big beat making touchpad there may be a degree of uncertainty with what will come out when you touch it (especially if you're hammered). Because of this, I think you should consider something along the lines of a pad controller so that you know what will come out when you hit a pad.

    Just my two cents, do what you like tho. But I will restate that the Kaossilator Pro does accept Midi Clock to the best of my knowledge, so you're fine to that end.
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    it's possible as Seabass mentioned - if you got 5pin midi out on that dx it should be easy.
    i've used the kaossilator pro and for the money - would suggest an Electribe or sp404 instead. or a maschine (though it's about double the cost of a kpro).

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