Vci 100 - help..can somebody take a picture of inside the vci 100 for me?
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    Default Vci 100 - help..can somebody take a picture of inside the vci 100 for me?

    Hey there, my names Martin, i'm from scotland and am having some troubles with my vci 100.

    Basically, after a good bash in a bag, the usb stopped working, it was always a bit dodge. I attempted to resolder a new usb port on to it, but since the pins were stuck inside it from the previous usb port, it took wayyy to much abuse with the solder, and ruined the tracks (trace) on the PCB where soldering is required. After crying into a pillow for a while, I found out you can buy pens where you can draw on new track (trace) lines on a PCB. But the only problem is I cant seem to figure out where they would go.

    I was wondering if anybody would be able to take a picture of these trace lines, with a nice camera, so it's clear where the track lines are to go.

    Any help would be great..or alternatively you can buy it for 200 pounds :P (suspiciously the amount I need to buy the traktor s4 )


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    If no one has replied to this thread in the next couple of days ill open up mine for ya when i get a bit of time what part of the vci do you want a picture of??
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    Mine is in the shop (i broke of the sensitivity pots on the back) , but if no one has done it for you when I get it back this week, i can take it apart for ya.

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    Default VCI100 USB PCB Connections

    Tried to get a clear pic of the pcb but phone cam was having issues?! - I had to replace the usb port on this one i bought from ebay thanks to some heavy handed couriers lol. Let me know if u need more info and i'll gladly pull it apart again. All in the name of experiments !!
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