Question about soundcards?
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    Default Question about soundcards?

    I've been looking into this two soundcards on ebay and they are both of course made by the same manufacturer and I think both look identical. However, when i read the description it looks as if one will work for the VCI 100 and the other one just serves a different purpose.

    Technically, are the both compatible with the VCI 100 as far as using of course for the speaker, microfone and headphone connection that I need or do or only one does what i need?

    Here are the links...
    (My prefer option and the cheaper option that I like but might not be the right one)

    (The more expensive option that I need and the one that looks as if this is the right one)

    Also, I ran into this one the Behringer U Control UCA202 USB Audio Interface
    much cheaper option, but I want to see if this one will be compatible with the VCI 100.

    I'm just starting out as a DJ and yes, I could invest some money, but I really want to see where I want to take this. Whether I stay in the room or take it to the next level (If I do of course my set up will need some serious dough) but in the meantime, I just need something cheap that will get the job done and will work with what I got. Thanks for any info.
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    those are the same thing, and they're both "compatible" with your vci-100. same goes for the Behringer option.

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    I ended up going with the DJ IO Interface or "the expensive option". Sure, the second option was great, but I doubt that was what I needed in my VCI and the Behringer after some in depth ressearch, I found that it is great if you are playing a guitar but for Midi players, apparently not the same story.

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