OT: UPS brokerage fee, how to avoid it
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    Default OT: UPS brokerage fee, how to avoid it

    Hey guys, finally completed my turntable setup. I've been rocking a single Tech 1200 forever and just been waiting to find another one at a reasonable price, so I finally got one and the guy shipped it through UPS (the bid originally stated he'd ship using USPS, so that floored me) So I get the package knowing full well that a stupid brokerage fee is coming and it cost me $81 once it arrived. So my originally $500 investment, turned into almost $600.

    This is such a scam, does anyone know how it's possible to avoid it. I know I can just pick auctions that ship USPS but I want to stick it to these guys the next time I get a shipment from them and dodge their extra costs altogether.

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    Living in Hawaii I know how expensive shipping can be.

    Not sure where your brokered your transaction, but if it was Ebay and the seller stated he was going to ship USPS but pulled a bait and switch then I would refuse the shipment and void the transaction.

    The shipper would then be on the hook for shipment both ways. But yeah clear communication with the seller before hand is the only way. And make sure that they know you will refuse a UPS shipment.

    Hope that helps.

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    file a complaint, if you got it on ebay and the bid says shipping via USPS. They didnt follow the terms stated for the purchase.
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